QCITYZENS - Emmett Young

WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 2019 - "Positivity. Talent. Balance." These were three words that Club President, Shane Bufano used to describe 2003 Boys player Emmett Young.  "Emmett is a great young man that I'm proud to have coached in previous years.  He comes from a fantastic family and his fun loving attitude and enthusiasm brings out the best in his teammates and all others around him," he added.

Members of the Young family have been playing at Queen City FC for many years beginning four seasons ago with the youngest child (no pun-intended) Emmett in 2016.  His sister Luci, graduated last season after playing on the most decorated girls team in club history, the Queen City 99/00 Girls Premier team (2016 State Cup Finalist).  Watching his sister helped Emmett solidify what we strive for at Queen City, where you can get better at soccer while still being able to pursue other interests.  "My club is very important to me because it gives me the ability to pursue my dream of soccer, but I also have the ability to pursue other dreams and passions that I have," explained Emmett.

Before joining the #QCFamily, soccer was already a passion and staple in the household beginning with their father, the late Peter Young.  "I’ve been playing soccer since I was a kid with my dad, he coached my teams, taught me the rules of the sport and showed me how to play. In a way he inspires me to keep playing everyday,” said Emmett.  His father's influence has inspired Emmett to keep playing as he has been strong in the face of adversity, transitioning from middle to high school.  It has not been easy, but Emmett continues to teach others in the club to have a positive attitude, have fun, and smile with his demeanor.  "In the past three years my life has changed in many ways, mostly its changed in ways that were uncontrollable. I am proud of many things including my start to high school and being on the JV A team for BHS."

As Emmett steps into this year on the field, he continues to impress his coaches with his play and technical ability.  This season, he is being led by Deniz Nunez who is new to the 2003 group.  "Emmett is a fantastic technical player. He has the ability to control the ball in midfield and maneuver his way through defenders. He always comes to training with a happy and optimistic attitude. He is a joy to have around the training grounds," lauded Coach Nunez.  This combination of positivity, talent, and balance was echoed by long time friend Trevor Reagan from the 2004 Boys team who met Emmett through Queen City, "Emmett is always a very happy and positive friend and is an integral and amazing piece to any team he is apart of."  Thanks for being such a great #QCityzen Emmett!









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