Queen City Wraps Up 2018 Tournament Series At Essex United

Queen City Wraps Up 2018 Tournament Series At Essex United

The Queen City Football Club expanded offerings this year.  While our club provides two tournaments in their spring club fees, some teams were willing to commit and participate in additional tournaments this season.  Across NY and New England, our teams had a great time getting some competitive play at various levels which provided great opportunities to bond as teammates, play different competition, and to have fun.  

Some tournaments our teams participated in this season were as follows: Golden Goal Turf Cup, Cap City Showcase, Saratoga May Day Classic, Amherst Memorial Day Tournament, Nordic Cup, and Essex United Tournament.

Special shoutout to the following teams who advanced, were finalists or were champions of these events!

Saratoga May Day Classic:

2004 Boys - May Day Classic Champions

2004 Girls -  May Day Classic Champions

Amherst Memorial Day Tournament:

2004/05 Boys Black - Amherst Memorial Day Semi-Finalist

2004 Girls - Amherst Memorial Day Semi-Finalist

2003 Boys  - Amherst Memorial Day Champions

2002 Girls - Amherst Memorial Day Finalist

00-02 Boys Gold - Amherst Memorial Day Champions

99/00 Girls - Amherst Memorial Day Finalist

Essex United Tournament:

06/07 Boys Gold - Essex Shootout Winners

2004 Girls - Essex United Tournament Finalist

2004 Boys - Essex United Tournament Finalist 

00/01 Girls - Essex Shootout Winners

U19 North Riverhawks - Essex United Tournament Finalist








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