QC Mailbox - New Year's Edition

QC Mailbox - New Year's Edition

This New Years Edition of Queen City Mailbox features Ron McEachen, our new Technical Director.  He talks to us about the direction he has taken our technical training program to, as well as discussing the importance of guided discovery.  See below for a quote from Keach!


“The technical basis of soccer relates to an individual's ability to maintain possession of the ball in all situations encountered during the game. This encompasses the ability to pass and receive the ball (first touch away from pressure) without giving the ball away under the pressure of opponents.  The importance of having the ability to dribble and maintain possession by separating from an opponent or holding/shielding under the pressure of opponents is also essential. Equally important is receiving in ‘sideways on’ position to improve vision and the usage of all parts of the body to control the pass to oneself.


Developing skill is the utilization of technique to solve a tactical situation.  Many match like situations must be encountered and solved by the players, which is why small-sided games are important as well as training situations to replicate match conditions.  Solely working on technique can only take a player so far. It is contingent on the coach to create situations to challenge players and allow them the latitude to figure out solutions for themselves and/or by using guided discovery coaching methodologies to help them find the best solution. Good coaches ask probing questions to aid in the players understanding without constantly telling players what to do. This type of player centric learning breeds confidence, resilience, and players with a high soccer intelligence.”


- Ron McEachen








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