QC Mailbox 3-12-19

QC Mailbox 3-12-19

In this edition, you can find out the following things:

1) How to order a QCFC uniform for the 2019 Spring Season

2) How to use our quicklinks

3) How to change your child's player pass headshot on your own, or add a headshot


In addition, a couple of added notes:

TEAMSNAP - Everyone should have received an invite to the TeamSnap App.  This is an app that is individualized for every team to stay connected with the other families, coach of the team, etc.  This is a communication tool.  Please download the app as you can use your computer or smartphone to access all the essential information you will need to stay connected.  A more in-depth look into TeamSnap will be coming to you soon.  For now though, you will find the remainder of the winter training schedule as well as the tournaments we are attending for individual teams in the schedule.

SOCCER.COM UNIFORM ORDER - You may also have gotten an email inviting you to personally purchase your uniform kit.  A couple quick notes on this as mentioned in this edition of the QC Mailbox.  We have gone to getting uniforms in a 2-year cycle.  We are in year 2 of that cycle so players who played last year do not need new uniforms (therefore, you may not have gotten an invite to purchase from Soccer.com, only new players did).  THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION TO THIS!!!  Players who graduated from U12 to U13 this year will need to purchase the black jersey as players under U12 only are required to buy one jersey (the grey).  If you are a U13 player who played last season (i.e. a 2006 player) you will need to buy the black jersey.

Thanks, and as always, if you have a general question you'd like answered, send it to our mailbag here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4uj0xIjcyYbG-PnpqOojVxwHlhwPkrD28klM2b9ATdnmQEQ/viewform?fbclid=IwAR2Kk_0cWdK_IiM0VOvzR834UHXw2r1YmN26eXZPeWogvH4K_NykK0q0of4







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