CVFL Changes To Queen City Indoor League

CVFL Changes To Queen City Indoor League

Futsal and indoor leagues has seen a change for Queen City FC teams this winter.  For the past three seasons, the club has played in the Champlain Valley Futsal League.  The CVFL was founded by longtime former QCFC board member Terry Wetmore and was held at the Shelburne Field House with teams from various clubs ranging from Rutland County to Franklin County.  

In 2017, the league will change hands as Queen City FC will take over the league and has been renamed to the Queen City FC Indoor League.  QCFC teams are currently competing in leagues at the Essex Fairgrounds while new management for the QCIL is being established.

Currently the league is still running a HS Boys Division with 6 teams, but plans to return to its full complement of 6 divisions will be tabled until 2018.

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