Keannah Dunsmore

Over the next couple weeks we are going to be catching up with some of our Alumni who are still involved in the game at the collegiate level in a “Catching Up With…” series.  Our first athlete we caught up with is Keannah Dunsmore.  Keannah is currently a Sophomore at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA.  Anna Maria is a member of the Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) in NCAA Division III.

While at Anna Maria, Keannah has become a staple in the midfield for the Amcats.  She has played in 30 games at Anna Maria and has started in 29 of those games.  In her career she has scored 4 goals and dished out 3 assists from that position.


What is it like being a college athlete?

Being a college athlete is crazy at times, however it is really good for learning time management skills. Additionally, being an athlete has given me access to an extremely useful on campus resource, which is Coach Lindsay Garvey.  I love being a college soccer player as  soccer has given me an outlet away from the busy life of being a student.  It has also given me friendships that I may never have had if I matriculated as a non-athlete.


What do you love about Anna Maria College? How is it unique?

I like how small Anna Maria is.  Everyone comes to our games and it is like living in a great small community. Professors will tell you “good game” the next day in class and the President of our school comes to almost all of the sporting events! Professors are also very personable at a small school and are very understanding when it comes to missing classes for games! They are often there and cheering us on.


What has been a great memory so far at Anna Maria?

My best memory from soccer thus far has been the 10 minutes in the locker room before we walk out for a game.  This is a special time with my teammates that we get hyped for games and are able to get focused.







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