QCFC FIFA League - Spring 2020

QCFC PS4 FIFA League Schedule


The QCFC Fifa League will be a 4 week league with playoffs.  There will be a regular season that will be broken down into matchups (for the purposes of this league our e-sports matchups will consist over a 3 day period).  After the regular season, I will sort the standings and set up a playoff bracket.


Here are the rules:

- Each "matchup" on the schedule will have a 3 day period to complete 3 games against their assigned opponent.  You may play all 3 games in one day.

- If you are having trouble adding an opponent on your network, e-mail shane to connect you via email with your opponent.

- At the conclusion of each game played, please e-mail Shane the score so he can update the standings (shane@queencityfootballclub.com)

- If you have a headset, please keep your language appropriate, there are players ranging from 11 yr olds-adults playing, keep things appropriate!

- Rage quits will result in 6-0 forfeit (have pride in seeing out the full game just like we would on the field)

- Inability to play over the 3 day period will result in a 6-0 forfeit as well

- Rankings will be determined in the following order and will descend upon the tie breakers listed (Wins/Losses/Ties - Points - Goal Differential - Goals Scored - Goals Allowed - Number of Shutouts). 

-After the regular season is over, playoffs will take place and seedings will be determined by the standings. Playoff matchups will be a best of 3 series.







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