Alternates (Training Players) Policy

Alternate Players Policy (Training Players)

Coaches may invite players outside of the rostered 18 players to train with the team throughout the season. If a player is worthy of a place on the team, but the team already carries 18 players, the coach may decide to carry the player as a training player. The training player program follows the following criteria:

· The training players’ cost is determined by the Club Registrar.  This includes all field rentals, coach’s expenses, training gear and indoor league fees.

· Alternate/training players will be allowed to train with the team, play in scrimmage games, play and train indoors, and play in tournaments at the coach’s discretion. The alternate/training player will be rostered, and therefore and be able to be called up to games at coaches discretion, however participation in outdoor league games is not guaranteed

· If a position becomes available on the roster, the coach will invite the player to join the team at their discretion.







Champlain Valley Futsal League