QCITYZENS - Lilyanna Mittelstadt

MONDAY, APRIL 1 -  Meet Lilyanna Mittlestadt, this week's QCITYZEN from Charlotte, VT.  Lilyanna is in her first year with Queen City and has made a great impact on her teammates and coaching staff.  Her fun loving attitude has captured the admiration of her teammates as well as her coaches.  Lilyanna is described by many as extremely funny.  Off the field, Lilyanna is a budding artist as she is an avid drawer.  More impressively, Lilyanna is incredibly athletic as she competes in many sports other than soccer, which include: Cross Country Running, Basketball, Alpine Skiing and Cross Country Skiing.

The many sports she participates in allows her to excel at soccer with the agility needed to compete in those other sports.  Despite a busy schedule, Lilyanna does a great job finding a balance juggling her activities.  She is a talented player with a knack for scoring goals, but also has aspirations to improve at the sport.  “I love coming to practice because the activities are really fun, but we also learn lots of new skills too.  It’s an awesome balance," she described.

Aubrey Ouellet, the head coach of the 07/08 praised the addition of Lilyanna to Queen City.  "Lilyanna has been an amazing addition to our club. She always comes to trainings and games with a positive attitude and is eager to improve her play at every opportunity.  Her obvious love for the game and teammates makes her an outsanding #qcityzen!"  We look forward to watching her evolve with the group as we enter the spring season.








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